Friday March 22nd 2019

Translation and editorial support for international clients

Bring your message to the English-speaking world!

Now you can communicate effectively in the global language of business and commerce. Folio Editorial’s global network includes translators and editors comfortable in bringing your book to an English-speaking readership. Our entire range of editorial services is available to authors and independent publishers who work in languages other than English.

Folio team members can help you no matter which language you speak – not only French, German, Italian and Spanish, but also Scandinavian and Baltic languages are supported. As your editorial collaborator, we will connect you with a translator or an editor who will help you take your project to a global market. We also support authors working in working in most major Asian languages.

Different project require different kinds of support. Our experienced team members can provide most common translation services, including books for business and technical readers. In some political jurisdictions, we can even facilitate technical and judicial translations.

For details on this range of services, please contact us.