Wednesday January 16th 2019

The look of the book

Pick up a book. Look at the cover. Now, you be the judge.

Do you want to own that book?

Maybe in some faraway, perfect world, people don’t judge books by their covers. But not on this planet. A cover is a completely plausible way to judge the creativity, originality and uniqueness of a work. A book that looks right, feels right in the hand, and boasts professional illustrations, charts and graphs is a book that most people will judge favorably.

Folio partners with some of the best book designers in America. If you are going to self-publish your work, remember that your book will have to compete for attention in a bookstore filled with books designed by professionals – like those with whom we work. Understanding your wishes in the initial design consultation and gaining your approval of the book’s graphic elements as they are developed for you is the best way for us to make sure the book you see is the book you want to get.

We work with established illustrators, men and women whose work you have seen before. Each of them brings to your book the same dedication to creating fresh, original work – and at a price that makes sense.

For a portfolio of representative work, contact us.