Wednesday January 16th 2019

Services for professional authors

If you have a contract, and the manuscript due date is anytime before now, you have a problem. We have a solution.

You aren’t alone. Even the most experienced writer can hit a snag that delays, sometimes fatally, a promising book project.

Folio editors have a history of helping writers contracted to publishers re-organize, accelerate, and complete an overdue or problematic book project. We’ve worked with clients associated with publishers like Random House, Viking, Little Brown, Oxford, and others. And we’ve done the same for countless custom publishing clients.

The editors at Folio are veterans with long trade experience. We can match you with a conflict-free colleague who can help you speed the manuscript preparation and completion process dramatically.

We can also help you complete your project by providing support in these key areas:

  • On-going line edits
  • Background writing
  • Research on-demand
  • Spot illustrations (original, royalty-free work)
  • Read-throughs and structural revisions
  • Bibliographies, indices and appendices

    We work discreetly and quickly. Our names do not appear on the books we help shape and complete. The working arrangements are kept private and confidential. The deadline you supply drives the entire process.

    Contact us for details.

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