Wednesday January 16th 2019

Build a Better Book™

…starting today!

According to The Wall Street Journal, last year more than 750,000 books were published by non-traditional authors using print-on-demand and similar services. Almost all of them had one thing in common: they were not edited by a publishing professional. That’s a terrible risk to run.

Your best ideas, beautifully packaged and elegantly bound in a book, can be a vital part of a modern career path or a smart business strategy. But a book that lacks clarity and editorial focus, one that’s full of errors and appears amateurish is a waste of a valuable investment. Every time you hand a client a bad book, you lose a customer.

When you create a book, details are everything.

In trade book publishing, careful, old-fashioned line editors are seen as a luxury, one that profit-starved trade publishers can no longer afford. In the world of print-on-demand (POD) publishing, editorial services, if they exist at all, are restricted to various levels of copy edits – the most rudimentary editing there is. Some even identify these as “line editing” – but cookie-cutter processes only work for cookies. In the development of a manuscript, cheap and fast editing leaves untouched underlying issues that can cause a book to fail.

We invite you to do some research now. Look at the websites of those offering editorial services – then come back here to compare for professionalism, service and quality.

We’re different.

You may have never heard of us. After all, we work quietly, behind the scenes. Editing is what we do. We’re not selling a dozen other services. We don’t sell publishing packages (although we can help you find one that’s right for your project). And we don’t do proofreading for reports and short papers. We build books. No wonder experienced writers and independent publishers know of Folio’s editorial services – which include everything from ghosting to developmental edits to copyedits. They know we are without peer in the world of custom publishing.

The Folio approach to pre-publication services is unique. From your first editorial consultation with an experienced editor to the final examination of your page proofs, your book is in safe hands. Top quality, on-going, confident editorial guidance is one reason why Folio is attractive to clients from Fortune 500 companies, major league sports franchises, top-notch public speaking professionals, leaders in medicine, law, dentistry, ministry, fitness, health and human resources.

Our celebrated Twain Method™ is perfect for authors who need a book yesterday, while our traditional editorial support processes help take the risk out of custom- and self-publishing options.

We take this personally.

Frankly, if you’re looking for something cheap and impersonal, you might want something less. We provide more. When we become your publishing partner, we work closely with you. Your editor, a seasoned publishing professional, becomes your collaborator through the entire process. We won’t charge you a few cents a word and tell you not to call. We’re with you all the way. At the end, you’ll have a magnificent manuscript – and a friend in publishing.

Folio already provides editorial support to several independent publishers as well as to one of the country’s most successful custom publishing companies.

This same editorial expertise can help you shape your next book, too – and at a surprisingly modest price.

Marketing and publishing.

We couple our dedication to editorial excellence with smart, targeted marketing advice. We’ll help you with a title and create jacket copy that engages readers at first sight. If you wish, we will partner you with experts who can help you do what it takes to get your book into the right hands and in front of the readers you most want to reach.

We’ll even consult with you and help you choose the publisher and publishing model that works best for your project.

We do whatever it takes to help you build a better book!